Meet the 1.3 billion users who will have Internet access on their mobile by 2008, espetially, in China, the mobile phone use achived 400 million.However, revenues from the mobile Internet are very small all over the world. The huge potential market is not being exploited because most web sites is PC-based do not work properly on a mobile device.

dotmobi sites will be required to have a home page that conforms to the switch on! style guides (also called the .mobi styleguides) which are optimized for access through mobile devices.

There are more digital mobile phones than televisions and PCs combined. According to recent research, from Mobinet mobile communications study, April 2005, A.T. Kearney/University of Cambridge more than half of mobile handsets are less than a year old, with most having full Internet capabilities. In emerging markets where fixed line communications are scarce, analysts predict wireless will be the communication channel of choice.

That's where dotmobi comes in - we make the mobile device as useful as a PC for browsing and data services, but far more portable. With the amount buying a PC, you can got 4 mobile devices.

mTLD provided the design rules and best practices for sites and services associated with the .mobi domain, to help the domain holder to set up design mobile-friendly web sites. Find out more at or read
With 2.2 billion cell phones in use today, mobile is the wave of the future. When you register a .MOBI, you:
  • Protect your brand from competitors who might wish to take advantage of the name recognition generated by your popular .COM. This is also a great opportunity to enhance your brand by registering a related name any generic words and phrases are still available!
  • Gain the option of launching a smaller, more concise companion to your main Web site that can be accessed via a variety of mobile devices, including cell phones, SmartPhones, Windows Mobile Devices, RIM devices and more.
  • Make it easy for people on the go to find you - anyone looking for your mobile URL will automatically guess yourpersonaldomainname.MOBI.
  • Benefit from the worldwide recognition that .MOBI means mobile.